Most critical to the success of Gila Christian Ranch is the retention of Godly, dedicated staff having a heart burdened for camp ministry. We are always in need of mature volunteers from fundamental, separated Baptist churches where the Bible is preached and practiced in the old-fashioned way. Additionally, men and women from a  few of our nation’s finest Bible colleges are sought to serve as youth counselors, Christians with a hard work ethic are treasured, and saints with a sacrificial, serving heart are vital. Men with maintenance and construction skills are valued, although a cheerful humility and able body are all that’s required for most cleaning and serving tasks. Note, however, camp ministry is not an 8 to 5 job. Ministry at Gila Christian Ranch requires the best one can give, 24 hours a day. Character requirements include faith, Christian love, and a commitment to prayer.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide financial compensation. There is little we can offer beyond a beautiful wilderness setting, room and board, and the blessing of being used of God to save souls and change lives. (It happens often!) We, nonetheless, trust God to supply qualified candidates. Might you have a heart for camp ministry? Read the Doctrinal Statement and the Policies and Practices document located on this website. If you are in agreement and feel God leading you to involvement in camp ministry, please give careful, prayerful consideration to completing our Application. The revivals of yesteryear still take place at Gila Christian Ranch. If you qualify to satisfy an existing need, you can become part of a staff that facilitates the mighty working of God’s Spirit. Come join us in serving our Lord!

Randy Rhodes
Ranch Manager