The distance from state highway 180 is about 15 miles. Depending how fast you bounce over washboard roads, the drive should take 35 to 40 minutes.

1) After the State Highway 90 and 180 interchange, proceed West on highway 180 in Silver City.

2) Immediately pass Pizza Hut on the right, then Western Bank on the left.

3) Turn right on Alabama Street. (You’ll see a sign for Bear Mountain Lodge which goes in the same direction.)

4) Alabama Street becomes Cottage San Road. After the turn-off for Bear Mountain Lodge (don’t take it) the road turns to dirt and becomes Bear Mountain Road. Stay left at the fork just after dirt begins.

5) Enter Gila National Forest (the sign is gone). At the Forest line, you will cross the first cattle guard. (Keep count.) Stay left when road forks a little later near base of Bear Mountain.

6) Climb Bear Mountain and cross a second cattle guard. (It’s not identified, but you’re crossing the Continental Divide.)

7) Descend Bear Mountain.

8) Ascend to the top of the mesa immediately behind Bear Mountain. (Called LS Mesa.)

9) Drive across the mesa, continuing on Bear Mountain Road (identified as National Forest road 853).

10) Cross a third cattle guard.

11) After a while, cross two washes, not far apart.

12) A short ways further, just after the fourth cattle guard, turn right on the road which bears a county road sign reading “Christian Ranch Road”. You will also see a sign for Gila Christian Ranch at the turn.

13) You will follow a fence with railroad tie posts. Shortly after the fence ends you will come to the ranch gate. (If it is locked, call for assistance.) The camp center is downhill and to the right, just before the creek. If you are coming to the Big House, cross the creek bed and stay to the right. Welcome!