Camp FAQs

What to Bring
Sleeping bag, pillow, towels, sneakers (two pair are recommended), flashlight, water bottle or canteen, sun protection (such as long sleeve apparel, wide brim hats and sun screen), Bible (we use the King James Version), personal items, and writing materials. Belongings should be marked. 

What Not to Bring
Items such as knives (even jackknives), radios, CD players, electronic games, reading material not evidencing Christian principles, or anything our staff might deem improper, distracting, or offensive. 

Camp Accounts
Campers may bring money for the snack shack and/or horse rides. Optional camper cash accounts are provided for the safe-keeping of any money sent with the campers. 

Dress Code
Boys: Bring play clothes (no shorts) and at least two collared shirts. No t-shirts with unchristian writing or pictures. No jewelry.
Girls: Bring play clothes (no shorts), dresses, skirts, or culottes (knee length or longer). No questionable apparel (tight fitting tops, crop tops, slits above the knee, etc.).  

Phone Calls
Under normal circumstances, campers are not permitted to make or receive phone calls during the camp week. In case of emergencies, parents/guardians may contact the camp staff at 575-388-7971 or 575-535-2579. Cell phones must be turned in to camp staff for safe keeping. 

All medications must be turned in to the camp nurse at registration.  Detailed instructions for each medication must appear on the camper's registration form.

One Sponsor or sponsor couple per church group may attend.  Group size should be eight or more youth.  Sponsors are housed separately in accommodations usually superior to general camp housing, on a "first come first served" basis, depending on registration date. Sponsors pay camper rates.

Schedule for the Week
Download a copy of the schedule for a camp week at Gila Christian Ranchcamp schedule